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Bethesda set to Reveal ‘Rage 2’ Tomorrow?



In spite of the lacklustre story and characters (and the lame iOS version), Bethesda’s Rage was gorgeous and fun to play back when it was released in 2011. Fans have been pining for a sequel, and from what Bethesda’s been hinting, that may be what we’re getting.

It started with Walmart playing spoiler and posting a bunch of upcoming games on their website (which was screenshotted for posterity). Bethesda responded on the Rage Twitter page by posting a correction on Rage 2 in bright pink. Bethesda then continued the “tease” with subsequent tweets on their Twitter page.

Now here’s where the conspiracy nuts get busy. In the post with the clock tower, the hands on the clock are pointing to 5:14. In the post with the rocket, “5-14” is on the side of the rocket. May 14th is tomorrow (Monday). May is the fifth month. Will Bethesda be confirming the game’s development at that time? Someone should check with Jesse Ventura.

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