'The Last of Us Part 2', 'Death Stranding' Confirmed for E3 2018 Appearances - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Last of Us Part 2’, ‘Death Stranding’ Confirmed for E3 2018 Appearances



E3 2018 is happening next month, and we’ve been getting bits and pieces of rumours and leaks as to what’s going to be revealed at the event. Rather than beat around the bush, Sony has posted on PlayStation Blog just what to expect for their showcase, which happens on June 11th. And for horror fans, that includes appearances by Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

For The Last of Us Part 2, we’ve already gotten two trailers for the game, as well as a bit of info on the game, but nothing concrete from director Neil Druckman as to what’s going on other than the game focusing on Ellie instead of Joel.

And then there’s Death Stranding. Kojima has teased time and time again with trailers, casting news, and even going to so far as to tease a potential release date. And we still don’t even know what the hell the game is about! Who even knows if Kojima will reveal anything other than another trailer? I guess that’s all for next month…

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