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[Trailer] Hammer Horror Influences ‘The Good Samaritans’!



Bloody Disgusting is proud to premiere the trailer for Christopher Goodman‘s Hammer Horror-inspired The Good Samaritans, but not for the reason you might think. It’s always great to get an exclusive, but The Good Samaritans is special because it was created in the service of fostering an appreciation for horror filmmaking in students studying under the National Film and Television School production, in collaboration with Neill Gorton Prosthetic Studio. And wherever people are advancing the cause of horror as art, we’re thankful.

This is the fourth year the institutions have worked hand-in-hand to produce a horror film that shows off the work of their students in the context of a real film project, and Goodman has been at the forefront of each annual project.

“Each year I’m tasked to come up with a story concept that would give the students an opportunity to really push the limits of what they can do,” Goodman told me. ” I wanted to challenge them with a fantasy story that would require realistic gore, CGI creatures, a full period setting and immersive sound design.”

My love of Hammer Horror films inspired me to go with a retro vibe and I came up with the story of ‘The Good Samaritans’.

The film centers on a beautiful young woman is stranded alone in a desolate corner of 16th century Romania. Two opportunistic highwaymen seek to take advantage of the woman’s predicament but all is not as it seems…

You can take a look at the short’s first trailer right here and we’ll be sure to post the final film when it’s finally released.


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