Sink Your Teeth Into The Launch Trailer For 'Vampyr' - Bloody Disgusting
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Sink Your Teeth Into The Launch Trailer For ‘Vampyr’



DONTNOD’s Vampyr drop on June 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You’re excited, I’m excited, your dog’s excited. DONTNOD has upped the excitement further with this final launch trailer, which after all the developer diaries, story and gameplay trailers, pretty much means you know what you’ll be doing on Tuesday.

This trailer combines all of the good stuff that we’ve seen, tosses in some new stuff we haven’t, some story tidbits here, some combat there, and polishes it into a slick and stylish-looking spectacle. Sure, while it belies the game’s post-WWI London in the midst of the Spanish Flu setting, how many games these days have you being a vampire with cool vampire powers? Not many.


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