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Website for ‘Devil May Cry 5’ Registered



Going off of yesterday’s story, it seems some fans have found even more confirmation that Devil May Cry 5 is on the way. If you head to, you’ll find that while the site doesn’t direct to anything, doing a little internet detective work reveals that the domain was registered on back in May by GMO Internet, a Japanese company that’s previously worked with Capcom on domains for Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7.

And yes, in you’re wondering, GMO Internet are the same folks behind the website for the Resident Evil 2 remake that was registered months ago.

What’s also interesting about the DMC5 website is that an update was made to the domain’s nameservers recently, which would indicate the site’s about to launch. Again, as with all of these things, nothing’s set in stone. But, you know how these things go…


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