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Online Shooter ‘Warface’ is Out Now On PS4 and Free To Download



If you and your pals fancy some online co-op raids on your PS4 that pit you against evil henchmen, cybernetic monstrosities and the undead and you have a budget of zero for it, then the freshly-released Warface is probably worth checking out.

The free-to-play shooter made its full jump over from PC to PS4 this week and has a variety of modes for all your different tastes in sooting things in the face.

The relevant highlight for us horror fans is in the PvE raids which include Anubis, The HQ, Blackout and Earthshaker maps at launch. In this mode, your team must work together to defeat hordes of enemies as you try to progress through the stages. You usually start out against standard soldiers, but that soon escalates to the likes of swift and vicious zombies, robots, and some more monstrous foes.

If you prefer something a bit more competitive, then Warface also features a variety of PvP maps for standard online shooter fare, with a selection of classes to choose from, and multiple loadouts for each.

There’s also due to be plenty of post-launch content, including four new raid maps (one set in Pripyat), three new game modes (naturally one of these is a Battle Royale Mode) and a whopping 40 PvP maps.

You can download the game for free on the PlayStation Store today, and there are five starter packs (one for each class and a bundle of all four) should you wish to give yourself a boost against the murderous hordes in PvE.


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