[R.I.P.] 'Return of the Living Dead' and 'Poltergeist' Star James Karen Has Died - Bloody Disgusting
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[R.I.P.] ‘Return of the Living Dead’ and ‘Poltergeist’ Star James Karen Has Died



Primarily known in the horror world for his roles as Frank in The Return of the Living Dead and later Ed in The Return of the Living Dead II, veteran actor James Karen was no doubt a part of the extended horror family that we all belong to, and we’re very sad to learn that he has passed away this week. Via THR, Karen died Tuesday at the age of 94.

With over 200 acting credits on his resume, spanning 1948 to 2018, James Karen was a familiar face to multiple generations across film and television, with his other roles in the horror genre including Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, Poltergeist, Invaders from Mars, The Willies, The Unborn, Piranha (1995), Apt Pupil and Mulholland Drive.

Other notable films Karen appeared in include All the President’s MenThe China Syndrome, Wall Street, Nixon, Any Given Sunday, Congo and The Pursuit of Happyness.

To learn more about Karen’s life and career, be sure to head over to THR.

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