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There Is No Planned Additional Post-Release DLC For ‘Devil May Cry 5’



As far as the AAA industry is concerned, lucrative and often-excessive monetization plans are now standard practice.

In this age of rampant microtransactions, intrusive loot boxes and multiple season passes, publishers are no longer satiated by the profits of merely selling games. Indeed there’s an expectation for them to be continually generating revenue. Which is why it’s increasingly rare to find tentpole releases that haven’t been accompanied by convoluted expansion roadmaps, or carved to bits so they can be sold in piecemeal portions.

It’s therefore quite refreshing to hear a publisher announce that they don’t have any plans for hawking additional content. Apparently, this is the case with the upcoming Devil May Cry 5, as the game is reportedly shipping as a finished product, with only one (free) DLC in the pipeline.

This information comes directly from Capcom producer Matt Walker, in his response to a fan query on Twitter. When asked if there were any plans for post-launch content, other than the already confirmed ‘’Bloody Palace’’ mode, Walker replied with an unambiguous ‘’nope!”.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be DLC at a later date but, for the time being, everything that’s been developed for DMC 5 should arrive intact, as part of the full package. Which is a relief, especially when you consider that this is Capcom we’re talking about: a company notorious for stripping titles bare and then charging exorbitant prices in order to finish them (see Street Fighter 5).

While this will doubtlessly earn goodwill for the long-awaited sequel, it’s worth noting that the game will still feature the inclusion of controversial microtransactions. So it’s not like Capcom have completely turned a new leaf or anything.

Devil May Cry 5 will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 8th, 2019, whilst the Bloody Palace add-on is expected to come out in April.

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