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The Zombie: Simon Garth TPB Review



With the rising popularity of zombies these days it’s really hard to figure out what’s worth your $3.50 an issue. Look no further, The Zombie: Simon Garth, is definitely worth the full $14.00. Expressing everything you’d want out of a good horror story. To the point, gory and attention getting. Finally after almost a year, the review is here. Review after the break…
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Hola Creeps, I finally finished reading the 4 part series The Zombie: Simon Garth released by Marvel imprint MAX Comics. This series is stand alone and has nothing to do with previous appearances that Simon Garth has made over the years in DareDevil and Spider-Man. The story starts out with a car wreck. Here you meet one of the main characters, Cherry, who survives the crash and after she wakes up realizes that her daughter Elizabeth is missing. Panic stricken she decides to check the woods near where her crash took place to see if maybe there’s some sign that Elizabeth might have gone through here. What Cherry doesn’t realize that by doing this she is biting off more than she can chew. As she progresses through the forest she stumbles across a couple of inbred hillbillies who would rather service her more than help her find her daughter. Enter Simon Garth, after the inbreeds knock out Cherry, Simon makes his first appearance pretty much scaring away them away. He then picks up Cherry and trails off into the woods. Following their scare the inbreeds get pretty far away thinking they’re on safe ground but little do they know that Simon was one of the many government test subjects to have crashed in a plane not too far from where they just were. And by test subjects I mean flesh eating zombies ready to feast and that’s just the beginning of the trade paperback…

Personally I thought this was a great little mini-series and I’m sorry for myself that it took me this long to actually have finished it. Writer Kyle Hotz (Incredible Hulk & Black Panther 2099) and illustrator Dan Brown (Black Widow & Ghost Rider), who I wasn’t too familiar with am now very impressed by. Throughout the 4 issue series you get constant shocks, almost rape, zombie dogs, zombies and tons of blood and gore. It’s safe to say that Hotz and Brown gave a big effort and I say it paid off. For anyone who’s a fan of horror, zombies or action I highly recommend you pick this series up. My rating: 9.0 Adios Creeps


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