WB Japan Planning A 'Supernatural' Anime To Launch This January - Bloody Disgusting
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WB Japan Planning A ‘Supernatural’ Anime To Launch This January



There are times that news comes across my computer screen that makes me very, very nervous, and this is one of those moments. Today Comic Book Resources broke the news that series producer Eric Kripke will be helping to create a 22 episode series based off of the first two seasons of his hit television show, Supernatural. Read on for the skinny.

According to the news article over at Comic Book Resource’s sister site, Spinoff Online, the 22 episode Anime will be released in three volumes (Blu-Ray and standard DVD format) beginning on January 13th in Japan. (No word on plans of US distribution at this time, although one would have to assume that the English treatment would be imminent.)

The series itself will be produced by popular Japanese production company, Madhouse Entertainment, who are known for bringing fans such titles as Death Note, Paprika and segments of Batman: Gotham Knight. Story details are vague at this point, but according to Anime News Network.com the series will be an animated treatment of some of SSN 1 and 2s best episodes that will also contain new segments that are exclusive to the series. These segments will include backstory from Sam and Dean’s childhood, enemies exclusive to the Anime itself, and episodes featuring supporting cast from the live action series.

Here Are The Credits According To Spin-Off’s Website…

“Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is credited as creator of the anime, which is co-directed by Shigeyuki Miya (Lupin III: Green vs Red, Aoi Bungaku Series) and Atsuko Ishizuka (Aoi Bungaku Series). Naoya Takayama (Night Head, Liar Game) is supervising the scripts, while Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun) is designing the characters.”

You can check out the official website (although everything is in Japanese) here

“SUPERNATURAL” Begins Its 6th Season This Fall On The CW Network.


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