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OMFG Of The Day: Halo-8 To Adapt ‘Hack/Slash’ For Illustrated Film Format!



Seeing as how the “HACK/SLASH” live action film has been slow to get off the ground for what seems like the better part of a decade, today production company Halo-8 and company president Matt Pizzolo (“GODKILLER”, “THREAT”) announced plans to adapt Tim Seeley’s brainchild into one of the companies signature ‘illustrated films’. Beyond the break you can get all the details on this huge announcement. Read on for the skinny!

Here’s What The Official Press Release Had To Say…

“Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 2010 – Halo-8 Entertainment has picked up the rights for award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER) to adapt the Tim Seeley comic book HACK/SLASH in the illustrated-film style Pizzolo designed with Emmy-winning producer Brian Giberson for GODKILLER, which opened theatrically in 11 cities earlier this year and sold through its first DVD pressing at San Diego Comic Con in July. Pizzolo intends to begin by adapting the HACK/SLASH series “My First Maniac,” currently being published in comic book form by Image Comics. Halo-8 is planning to release the illustrated-film in 2011 as a double-feature with Pizzolo’s previously announced adaptation of Seeley’s LOADED BIBLE comic book.

Seeley said “I’m happy to have my two babies in the same crib, with a unique HACK/SLASH and LOADED BIBLE double feature. Viewers can get their horror and sacrilege in the same lovin’ spoonful.”

Pizzolo said “Tim is not only a master storyteller but he’s also completely nuts, and that combination makes for some fantastic comics. As a longtime fan of the series, it’s a ridiculously exciting opportunity.”

HACK/SLASH tells the ongoing adventures of Cassie Hack (daughter of the evil slasher known as The Lunch Lady), who rejected her mother’s murderous ways and instead devoted her life to hunting down slashers with her partner Vlad. “My First Maniac” is the newest HACK/SLASH mini-series, going back to the beginning Year One-style and detailing Cassie’s very first case.

LOADED BIBLE takes place after nuclear Holy War has decimated North America and left it populated by legions of vampires. When humanity’s last stronghold New Vatican City is withering under the vampires’ assault, the Church gives their people a hero by cloning Jesus Christ Himself… but all is not as it seems for the Test Tube Messiah as he’s drawn into a web of betrayal, bloodshed, and seduction.

“Illustrated Film” is a new experimental-animation format designed by Pizzolo and Giberson that mixes motion comics with elements of anime, radio drama, and video games. Utilizing the sequential artwork from the comic book, the Illustrated Film adds motion animation, 3D CGI, visual effects, elaborate sound design, music, and dramatic voice performances. The format was developed for the dystopic transmedia series GODKILLER, which starred voice performances by genre-heroes Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Danielle Harris (Halloween 4, 5, I, II), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica), Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons), punk icon Lydia Lunch (Hardcore), and rockstars Justin Pierre (singer Motion City Soundtrack) and Davey Havok (singer AFI).

About Halo-8 Entertainment

“Halo-8 Entertainment ( is a Hollywood-2.0 movie studio using bleeding-edge strategies to create and distribute daring new films. Recent releases include the megapopular animated series Xombie: Dead On Arrival (which Bloody Disgusting called “one of the best online animated series to date”), the legendary NY hardcore documentary N.Y.H.C. (which Cinematical called “smashing… a terrific, well-told, engaging story”), the award-winning hardcore-punk thriller Threat (which Urb Magazine said “makes ‘Kids’ look like an after-school special”), and the critically-acclaimed animal rights documentary Your Mommy Kills Animals (which earned a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). Upcoming releases include the erotic-art documentary The New Erotic (featuring XXX-auteurs Eon McKai, Kimberly Kane, Dave Naz, Jack The Zipper, Alejandra Guerrero), the documentary Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods about the enigmatic comic book genius behind The Invisibles and All-Star Superman, the Jesus vs vampires animated adventure Loaded Bible by Tim Seeley (“Hack/Slash”), and the Band-of-Brothers-versus-Cthulhu animated war movie Black Sky by Ben Templesmith (“30 Days of Night”).”


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