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Double Murder Ep 66: ‘IT’ (Original vs. the Remake)



Stephen King's It

Have you had your fill of yellow raincoats, red balloons, and scary clowns this Halloween? Too bad! Danny! and Tim are back with a new episode of Double Murder: IT, original vs. remake!

In the original IT (1990), Pennywise the Dancing Clown terrorizes a group of friends as children, only to return 27 years later to finish what it started. Tim Curry’s performance cements the character of Pennywise in horror history in this TV miniseries. Joining him is an ensemble cast including John Ritter, Seth Green, Harry Anderson, and Jonathan Brandis. Fair warning, this episode of Double Murder only covers the first half of the miniseries, to respect the timeline of the remake (Spoiler alert? Nah…).

This year’s remake of IT (2017) follows the same plot lines of the original, skipping any flash-forward/backs to the present day. Bill Skarsgård dons the clown makeup as IT/Pennywise, and again stalks the children of Derry, Maine. The remake is bolstered by direction from Andy Muschietti (Mama) and performances from Jaeden Lieberher (The Book of Henry, St. Vincent) and Finn Wolfhard (“Stranger Things”). The timeline has been adjusted to the 1990s, riding the wave of 80s/90s nostalgia.

Is the remake a worthy successor to the original? Have your fond memories of floating down here stood the test of time? Which Pennywise will win? Tune in to Double Murder to find out!

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