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[Horror Queers Podcast] ‘Dead Ringers’, David Cronenberg’s Twincest Masterpiece!



If you haven’t been keeping up with the Horror Queers Podcast these last few weeks, you’ve been missing out! Since we launched back in mid-January, we’ve had the pleasure of discussing the Billy/Stu (b)romance Scream (1996), homophobia in Hostel (2005), the cultural renaissance of Jennifer’s Body (2009) and the batsh*t campy ineptness of Swimfan (2002), which may just be our funniest episode yet.

In the latest episode, we’re tackling one of David Cronenberg‘s most respected films: Jeremy Irons‘ twin gynaecologist “feminist nightmare”, Dead Ringers.

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Episode 6 – Dead Ringers (1988)

Joe and Trace dress as $10 hookers and enter uncharted vaginal territory with David Cronenberg’s gynaecological horror film Dead Ringers! Listen as Joe schools Trace on all things Canadian horror, including a crash course on the Canadian identity (whatever that means). The boys get up to their elbows in discussions of vaginal mutilation, gay panic and that absolutely bonkers surgery sequence featuring period blood-red KKK/nun’s habit outfits. And just how the hell do you pronounce cinematographer Peter Suschitzky’s name?

Finally, they ask the million dollar question: is there a queer twincestual relationship going on between brothers Beverly and Elliott?

Cross out Dead Ringers! Coming up Wednesday: the return of Baby Face in theatres this week prompts us to revisit Christopher Landon’s 2017 original Happy Death Day.

Joe & Trace

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Joe is a TV addict with a background in Film Studies. He co-created TV/Film Fest blog QueerHorrorMovies and writes for Bloody Disgusting, Anatomy of a Scream and Grim Magazine. He enjoys graphic novels, dark beer and plays multiple sports (adequately, never exceptionally). While he loves all horror, if given a choice, Joe always opts for slashers and creature features.


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