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[BD Review] Lauren Says If You Like ‘Scary Movie,’ You’ll Dig ‘Supernatural Activity’



Remember when the remake of Fright Night did a take on a Criss Angel type of figure and it was kind of funny? Well, Supernatural Activity opens with a take on that and I’m still unsure if I found it funny or not.

I’ve seen about a million parodies of ghost hunting shows in movies, and Supernatural Activity plays out like a parody of a parody of an adaptation. Maybe, just maybe, someone wrote it as a serious movie and then they reread it and realized it sucked, so they turned it into a comedy. If that’s the case, Supernatural Activity is actually really smart.

The intro to the film is reminiscent of Pulp Fiction, yet is cuts shorts, ending with a message stating if you want to learn more about the cast and crew, just skip to the end credits. The story is the same song and dance you’ve seen before. The ghost hunting show Supernatural Activity is bogus; it’s all about the ratings. Pervert fan bases (the fans that think if they could meet a certain celebrity they could “get” said celebrity) keep leader Damon Dealer “single” which puts a damper on his relationship with his girlfriend, Blair. Damon wants to save an Indian burial ground (which he has to keep correcting himself into calling it a Native American burial ground) for their season finale. However, Blair is insisting the team go to Hicksville to find a mythical creature named Smallsquatch.

Apparently, this hairy wizard born of Sasquatch and a witch tickles victims to death – or something like that. The movie follows the characters along, parodying popular horror films as they go. Damon is afraid that if they prove the creature is fake, he will not be able to marry Blair, who is hoping to find fame by proving it’s real. Everyone is a little too eager about doing EVPs once they arrive and ultimately find out there is some sort of spirit within a house they find.

For some reason, Smallsquatch is a demon that can speak through Damon. I think this was just done so that actor Andrew Pozza could display his various acting abilities with a bunch of impressions. It sort of gets old, though he is pretty great in that instance. Actually, Supernatural Activity is really well done. It’s well acted. Hell, the plot actually is quite entertaining.

I’m a fan of parody movies, but throughout most of Supernatural Activity, I was unsure if I liked it or not. The pervert fanbases joke had me smiling, as I know the exact type of fans they were making fun of. The idea that the team is really into doing EVPs is choice as what ghost hunting show isn’t the same way! However, the abundance of goofball humor that borderlines on not being funny had me questioning if I was just trying not to like it. Out of the entire movie, there was one scene that had me convinced it was pretty damn OK. The scene? Blair and Damon having phone sex. It is the most glorious scene ever. Why? Because it is exactly how I think. I have no differentiation between goofing off and being, uh, mature. So, with lines like “I rub your taco like a rabbit’s foot” and referring to Damon’s “garden snake” before rating the sex at 8.153125 or something, the movie was saved. Well, a bit.

Ultimately, if you like goofball movies in the realm of Scary Movie, you’ll like Supernatural Activity. It is a well made film with a plot that is so bad that it’s pretty good.


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