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[BD Review] ‘Home Invasion’ Is Rough On Duff



What is more horrific than a Lifetime movie? Right! There aren’t many things. Home Invasion, starring Haylie Duff, C. Thomas Howell and Lisa Sheridan, was originally just that. It’s a simple story: Jade (Duff) wants to ruin Nicole’s (Sheridan) life because Nicole killed Jade’s boyfriend. Of course, this was in self defense after he and his buddy, Ray (Howell), broke into her home and threatened both Nicole and her foster daughter.

Home Invasion is basically a thriller in the realm of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, but, as stated above, made for TV. For the most part, everything that Duff’s Jade does is a wee bit farfetched. Her antics range from poisoning the buffet at Nicole’s newly opened restaurant to burning the place down and planting evidence at Nicole’s house. Sure, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but for Jade to pull of everything she does in the movie would take someone a bit more intelligent than the character that is presented.

For a TV movie, and especially one that aired on Lifetime, Home Invasion isn’t particularly horrible, but also isn’t Oscar worthy. For the most part, I actually enjoyed seeing how over the top it would go. However, the most entertaining aspect is watching Haylie Duff’s acting. For 80% of the film, Duff’s expression remains the same – pouty lips and slightly flared nostrils with arched eyebrows (and perfect hair throughout). While Sheridan’s acting might be stiff at times, she at least appears to be the part. Supporting cast varies on their acting abilities, as well. Yes, the script is campy and Howell’s portrayal of Ray, a thug with neck tattoos, is a bit laughable. The worst, sadly, has to be Kyla Dang as foster daughter Abigail. Someone’s parents need to make sure they’re banking this money for college.

MTI Video is releasing Home Invasion and other films like it on DVD. Is it worth buying? No, I can’t say it is. However, if this one shows up on Netflix and you enjoy cheap women based cable station films – plus you like seeing Haylie Duff in bad situations (Did you see her on Sons of Anarchy? This girl can’t win!) – then definitely throw Home Invasion on to watch. At least you can kill an hour and a half.


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