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5 Skull Review “Shutter” #4



A childhoods worth of fantastical creatures and inventions grow up in a world that’s morals aren’t black and white, but shades of grey. That’s the amazingly creative world of “Shutter.” This month the story takes shape with the seemingly random events from previous issues coming together, but come with heaping spoonfuls of intrigue and mystery.

Shutter_04-1WRITTEN BY: Joe Keatinge

ART BY: Leila De Duca


PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: July 9, 2014

Reviewed By: Torbin Chimners

Issue four begins with an excellent short story revealing the background of a character introduced last issue. It’s told in a totally different style to the norm, but perfectly fits the story it’s telling. It’s formatted like I imagine comics looked in the 1920’s. Last month’s issue #3 opened in a similar fashion telling the story of issue #2’s cliffhanger, albeit with an absolutely brilliant Busy Town reference. I’m hoping this is a new trend that’ll continue as it’s a marvelous way to open a book.

Shawn and Ekland’s side story stands strong on its own. Ekland brings Shawn to Mikey, a smoking platypus who operates out of an alley with a fax machine. If that’s not something you want to read about, I don’t think we can be friends. In past issues I wasn’t overly interested in their side story. Not that it was bad, I was simply salivating so much for more of Kate’s story that nothing else mattered much. Now I’m equally anticipating both. With the world around Kate being a bit more whimsical and relatively safe for now, I’m genuinely excited to see Shawn and Ekland dig into the exceedingly violent and filthy underbelly of this astonishing world.

Visually you’ve got the whole package and then some here. The sheer amount of detail on each page is staggering. The characters are as expertly rendered as the background. Nothing looks phoned in, it’s a labor of love and you can damn well tell. The more you think about it the more impressive it is. The characters don’t all wear the same tights every issue and most of them are extraordinary creatures but Shutter’s art never suffers.

This is why I read comics. It’s a wondrous story that can only be told through this wonderful medium. If it were a film or television show the cost would be astronomical. That would mean there would be a million fingers in its pie, deluding, twisting and corrupting everything that makes it magical. Do the creativity in your life a favor and read “Shutter.”

Torbin Chimners AKA Torin Chambers is a rad dude from the nineties who does film stuff or something. Thomas the Tank Engine is his favorite transformer. Find him on Twitter@Vulgar_Rhombus 



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