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[Review] Fans of “Seinfeld” Are Going to Flip for ‘Seinfeld: The Purge’



A few weeks ago, I wrote about Seinfeld: The Purge, a production put on by the UCB Theater in L.A. that imagined what it would be like if the annual Purge went down on an episode of Seinfeld. Lucky for me, writer and actor John Ford saw the post and was kind enough to send me a video of the performance and I can happily say that Seinfeld fans are in for one helluva lawless night.

The amazing thing about Seinfeld: The Purge is that it actually feels like an episode of Seinfeld. Meaning, what happens is probably exactly what Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer would do during the Purge. Jerry wants to spend the Purge inside his apartment with his new girlfriend. George is accused of being a “Purge racist” for wanting to kill Joe Temple (the man who George watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s with in “The Couch”). Elaine considers a “Purge break up” with Puddy. And Kramer, he buys a soda fountain for his Purge party with the intention of selling extra large cups, the ones that were outlawed in NYC. Some people want to murder, Kramer just wants to sell big sodas. It’s perfect.

Not only is the writing spot-on, so are the actors. Joseph Porter (Jerry), Dave Christenson (George), Madeline Walter (Elaine), and Dax Herrera (Kramer) absolutely kill it is a the fab four. There’s also Jason Wayne Christian doing an incredible Newman (seriously, he sounds exactly like him) and Dan Van Kyrk delivering his best squinty-eyed, dry-voiced Puddy (high five). Writer John Ford gets in on the action as the socially awkward and eccentric J. Peterman. All these Seinfeld regulars on Purge night? Seriously, it’s a stupid amount of fun.

It’s also structured like a Seinfeld episode, kicking off with an NBC commercial promoting their “Purge Programming” and then jumping into a video of Jerry doing stand-up (like how each episode began and ended up until season 8). And like the best Seinfeld episodes, all of the plots collide in a grand schadenfreude of comedy glory. There’s some fun easter eggs and quotes peppered throughout that diehard fans will pick up on.

Both upcoming performances of Seinfeld: The Purge (August 19 and 21) are SOLD OUT, but keep your eyes peeled to the UCB website for more shows. If you’re lucky enough to see it live, DO IT.

Seinfeld: The Purge is directed by Justin Donaldson.

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