Review: "Starlight" #5 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: “Starlight” #5



Space legend Captain Duke McQueen has yet to complete his final space mission. Will he succeed or will The Kingfisher destroy his adopted home world? “Starlight” #5 takes readers to the edge in this next to last issue with hopes hanging by a thread on a cliff over a deadly sea. Honestly, this space planet has all kinds of death traps built into it!



WRITTEN BY: Mark Millar

ART BY: Goran Parlov

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: 13 August 2014

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady

Creators Mark Millar and Goran Parlov have made this sci-fi series genuinely fun from chapter to chapter. Veteran space hero Duke McQueen has been given one more chance at glory here and he is not going to let his old planet down. He’s battled too many obstacles and somehow, his age has not been one of them. I’m not sure if Millar writes his stories just to be adapted to films nowadays but this definitely feels like the third act is about to kick into high gear.

The art by Goran Parlov is simply exquisite. I see flashes of Moebius, Toth, and Darrow in his work in this series. The simple line style belies the true complexity of how much thought and effort Parlov has put into this story. Ever design seems elaborately thought out but looks not too exaggerated.

This is leading up to a hopefully grand conclusion next issue. Starlight is the perfect kind of summer reading. It has action, humor, some nostalgia and a pinch of heart. Baring a dreadful ending, I envision this book being on shelves for a long, long time. I know Mr. Millar has been lucky to get a lot of his properties Hollywood attention. Whenever this one gets to the film-making stage, I hope it’s got enough heart and soul in it like the books do. It’s not over the top or tacked on. Millar gets it just right here.



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