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[Comic Book Review] “Spread” #3 Has Heart and Gore to Spare



Safe to say that the “this is messed up” factor is rising with each issue of “Spread.” And, while the cover of issue #4 says a lot, it doesn’t say everything. I’m not one for extreme gross-outs but it’s the heart behind this series and its juxtaposition with all the gore that has me digging it so much.



WRITTEN BY: Justin Jordan

ART BY: Kyle Strahm

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: August 6, 2014

Reviewed by Nick Brehmer

Everyone loves a magic baby, and Molly is just so goddam endearing. Plus, when it comes to the main character No, I’m feelin’ a little like Elle Woods after one particular court scene in Legally Blonde, if ya know what I mean.

We pick up from the previous issue after No has rescued Molly, the deranged would-be mother of baby Hope. The companions have arrived at a bastion of “civilization” in the form of a shanty-town/caravan trading outpost where spread survivors come to fulfill their basic needs and pleasures.

At the center of this outpost is a nice little place called Jack’s. You know, typical mom and pop type joint. Home-cooked family food… as in the food most likely contains whole families. As if No’s quest didn’t have enough antagonists to deal with. We’ve seen him take down a massive spread beast, but No may have met his match with the hulking cannibalistic Jack. Oh ya, and you remember that creep preacher-man who appears to control the Spread? He has minions. Sexy ones. Not good. Then there’s pretty boy Revello who, despite his charisma and ninja fighting skills, I suspect may have a more surprising role to play in the upcoming issues. The babes aren’t always rotten, right? Ask that to the lonely shmuck in the tub mid-issue.

Jordan’s dynamic storytelling and character development continues to be exemplified through the narration of grown-up Hope and No’s minimal responses. Although, this issue, we do begin to see No open up slightly which ends up just adding to his mysterious nature. Every character that Jordan has created in “Spread” has clever creative restrictions placed on them and it fosters a yearning for more – to the series’ advantage. I really don’t know where Jordan’s taking us with this one, but I feel like I’m right there with No, Molly, and Hope. October and issue #4 can’t come soon enough.

The back matter of this issue with the first fan art gallery is awesome. Two words: Spread Bear.

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