[Comic Review] "Ghost Fleet" #5 - Keeps Truckin' On - Bloody Disgusting
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[Comic Review] “Ghost Fleet” #5 – Keeps Truckin’ On



Reviewed By Torin Chambers. With “Ghost Fleet” #5 we’ve eclipsed the physical realm of print to enter the intangible domain of the digital. This change up has in no way impacted the high quality of visuals and writing we’ve come to associate with Ghost Fleet. Gearing down from last month’s emotional gut punch and psychedelia we’ve got a slower and relatively quieter issue. One that takes it’s time and feels a bit more grounded. Just a bit though, this is still thoroughly Ghost Fleet. Punches and a few unsavory words are thrown around, while Trace never can seem to catch a break.


WRITTEN BY: Donny Cates

ART BY: Daniel Warren Johnson

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: March 5, 2015

After his not so delightful ‘trip’ last issue Trace awoke in a parking lot alone. No truck, no dog and no idea where either could possibly be. Things could be better but he’s survived being shot in the head and left for dead so this isn’t going to keep him down for long. We’re brought up to speed on what’s transpired at the same pace as Trace. Rediscovering forgotten events as he does, figuring it all out with him step by step. It’s engaging, entertaining and feels fresh spending almost an entire issue with just Trace. Ward and Reno (the killer introduced last issue) are still present but only in the periphery, nicely bookending Trace’s story. Reno’s sections are especially funny in a morbid, childlike way.

While the Issue reads as a sort of refractory period from last month’s blast that does not make this an issue to skip or pass over. The stakes are raised exponentially by the issues end, putting a hell of a lot on Trace’s plate. No issue of Ghost Fleet has ever been a waste, each one always gets a major plot point across that pushes the momentum story faster. Bit by bit stakes are rising to a boil, never sacrificing its forward momentum.

The visuals stood out a bit more this issue, specifically the colours. They’re much more vibrant, dynamic and kinetic, going with and shaping to the action of the scenes. Sure they’re more unrealistic at times but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ghost Fleet continues to be of the utmost quality, it’s a crime that it doesn’t have a bigger fan base. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t judge this book before you’ve read it. It’s not a hoorah for beerguts, it’s an excellent action-thriller-mystery that a lot of comic fans would enjoy if they read it.

Torin Chambers is a rad dude from the nineties who does film stuff or something. Thomas the Tank Engine is his favorite transformer. Find him on Twitter @TorinsChambers


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