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[TV Review] “Scream” Season Finale: ‘Revelations’




Scream began the night (well, began the week, really) on a bit of a downer. Wes Craven is a man that will be sorely missed in the horror community, and while he may not have had a huge part in the creation of the show (though that is debatable), it’s certainly a sad way to go into the episode. MTV did a nice little tribute to the writer/directer before the episode began as well. As for tonight’s season finale of Scream, I feel like it’s going to be a pretty divisive episode, but I actually liked it!

I fully accept the fact that any trust/respect I have built up with all of you over the recent weeks may very well be destroyed by my positive review of this episode. The reveal that Piper was the killer was an obvious one, I know. Scream has tried way too hard the past few weeks to convince us that anyone else but Piper would be the killer. The whole bit with Kieran saying Emma texted him to come to Brooke’s house was very Scream 4 (with Trevor and Jill), so that was never going to play out. Add to the fact that Piper and Emma’s newfound friendship was being forced down our throats (something I mentioned two episodes ago), and it just comes across as predictable rather than surprising (it’s also basically a replica of Scream 3’s ending, but with the killer’s gender reversed). All of those negative aspects and I still found it entertaining, ridiculous and fun.

There was no way the killer reveal was going to be satisfying. I’ve been reading comments and Tweets over the past 10 weeks on theories on who the killer is and everyone was guessed at some point (though when I checked on Twitter after the reveal last night, a surprising number of people seemed to be shocked). When you drag something like that over the course of 10 weeks as opposed to two hours, it’s bound to be underwhelming.

More successful in its reveal was that Audrey was (maybe?) Piper’s accomplice. After all, someone had to be behind the mask when Piper and Will were attached back in Episode 6. It would be beneficial for Scream to actually have Audrey be a villain, rather than a fake-out, in Season 2, but we’ll just have to wait until next year to see.

Wes Craven

Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), looking all mysterious burning letters and shit.

The reason this episode worked for me is because all of the unnecessary subplots were absent. This was an episode devoted entirely to the killer’s endgame, and there were some pretty fun sequences. Brooke’s entire chase scene, for example, was incredibly suspenseful (though I have no idea why she thought hiding in the fridge would be a good idea) and I liked her being smart enough to lock Branson out of the house. I legitimately thought we were going to lose Ms. Maddox tonight. Carlson Young has been my favorite part of this show and I’m glad we’ll get to see more of her next season.

Speaking of surviving the episode, there wasn’t really much of a body count for a season finale of a slasher series, was there? Only Sheriff Hudson (who, admittedly, had a pretty cool death)and Piper died. For being a serial killer, she wasn’t that skilled at killing. I wouldn’t have hated if more people had died, but I guess they have to have some semblance of a cast in season two.

I realize it sounds like I’m complaining about this episode a lot, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Scream has become a show that I laugh-watch. I enjoy watching it only so I can laugh at how incredibly dumb it is. Take from that what you will, but that is the lens I choose to view Scream through.

That is it for the first season of Scream, everyone! It has been a rocky road, and overall the show isn’t everything we had hoped for. For those who were expecting a suspenseful slasher with some dark humor, you were disappointed. I don’t think fans of the film series wanted a melodramatic teen soap opera, but that is what we got. Taken on it’s own terms, I think the series has been a (slightly) moderate success. Ideally, the people behind the show will take the break to review what worked and what didn’t over the course of the season and give us an improved second season next year. They have enough to work with (and plenty of characters still left alive) to do something interesting.

Random Notes

  • Just an FYI, I docked the episode a half a skull solely for the fact that Jake made it out of the season alive.
  • Brooke and Audrey got a chance to bond tonight, and it was highly entertaining. More character pairings like this next season, please.
  • Every time Piper used the word “sis” in her villain monologue, it just reminded me of this cringe-worthy one-liner from Texas Chainsaw 3D.
  • “It’s gonna be gut-wrenching!” -I have to admit, I laughed when Hudson’s guts spilled out when I remembered the killer told Emma this.
  • “She’s literally dumb as toast!” – Brooke, on that girl Jake was trying to bed.
  • The guy who got his throat slashed is named Grayson, in case you cared. Not sure why Piper killed him.
  • I’m still not completely won over by Noah. I know a lot of you like him, but he’s been more grating to me than entertaining. “Maybe someone just spilled their wine. Their thick, viscous red wine” was such a dumb line.
  • “I didn’t feel much like talking after you accused me of murder.” -Kieran, stahp.
  • “I’m still breathing you creep!” -Brooke, when Jake tried to give her mouth-to-mouth to cure her coldness.
  • “Are you calling to gloat?” “Not at all, you finally got a win.” -Touché Piper. Emma has really been one step behind you this entire season.
  • “It’s 2015 Emma. Sexist, much?” -Piper, after her big reveal. As the Scream Twitter account reiterated: Tatum called it, even though the film series has had not one, but two female killers.
  • “I’d like to savor the moment a little bit before I slice you open, ‘k?” -All of Piper’s lines during the climax were so over-the-top. I could not stop laughing.
  • “You psychotic bitch!” -Emma, after Piper stabbed her mom.
  • “Bitch talks too much.” -Audrey, after shooting Piper.
  • By the way, here is a graph reflecting all of the episode reviews of MTV’s Scream. My average score is 3.2/5, which I’ll round down to a 3/5. I think that’s pretty fair.

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