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[TV Review] “iZombie’ Episode 2.03: ‘Real Dead Housewife of Seattle’




iZombie stumbled a bit this week with an episode that featured Liv eating the brain of a wealthy socialite, Major delving further into his utopium addiction, Vaughn du Clark murdering someone and the return of Peyton(!). Of course, even a lackluster episode of iZombie is better than most of what’s on TV, but “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” just wasn’t a particularly memorable episode of the series.

Episodes of iZombie that revel in its procedural qualities are usually weaker episodes, and that holds  true for “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle.” The plus was that the murder of the week, in which a trophy wife was murdered by a hitman hired by her personal stylist, was directly linked to Vaughn du Clark, who later had the murder victims (whom he was sleeping with) husband eaten by a zombie he keeps in one of the (officially non-existent) sub-levels in his office..

While that is al well and good, the mystery felt a little hollow when compared to some previous episode’s stronger and more involving mysteries. That being said, the trophy wife’s brain had some entertaining side effects on Liv. Her lines, while by no means comedic gold, were still humorous.

Major is really going headfirst into his tailspin. He’s still snorting utopium and killing zombies for du Clark, and now he’s having sex with Gilda. While this arc gives Robert Buckley a chance to stretch his acting chops, it walks the dangerous line of having the audience no longer sympathize with the character, which could be problematic later. Consider this his Willow moment from season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hopefully this won’t last all season, but at least Gilda is proving to be quite the formidable foe.

Aly Michalka

Blaine’s absence was deeply felt this week, as no mention of him was even made. I’m not saying we need to see Blaine more frequently than we have in the past, but it really says something when a character’s absence makes a show feel somehow incomplete.

Someone who wasn’t absent this week was Peyton. It was nice to see Aly Michalka (who is still labelled as a guest star, and not a series regular) return to the show, if only for a brief moment. She is now in charge of the war against the utopium drug ring, so this will undoubtedly cause problems between her and Major. Ravi’s heart-to-heart was sweet and much-needed, but here’s hoping we get a scene with Peyton and Liv sooner rather than later.

“Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” was one of iZombie’s weaker episodes, but it still had enough going on to merit a watch. Nothing about the episode was particularly bad, it was just forgettable. Here’s hoping we get more Blaine and Peyton next week, with a murder that resonates a little bit more.

Random Notes

  • Chapter Titles of the Week: Wine Goeth Before a Fall; Implants vs. Zombies; A Zom-Boy and His Dog; Major Rager; Friends in High Places; Peyton Place; Stall Tactics. The winner is clearly Implants vs. Zombies.
  • Brain Recipe of the Week: Tuna and Brain-Stuffed Tomato Halves!
  • “You know I think of you every time I squat?” -Major, to Gilda
  • “Just hearing his name makes me need a full detox wrap and an ear canal flush.” Liv, on Vaugh du Clark. Not one of her funniest jabs, but it still makes me chuckle.
  • iZombie has a thing lately for leaving dogs without their owners, doesn’t it?
  • “I thought this was a good look for work, because I wear this dress like someone’s paying me to.” -Work it, Liv.
  • “I just really need a Pinot and some salty chocolate. This has been the worst week ever!” -I’m going to start having a glass of Pinot with some salty chocolate when I have a bad week. It sounds like a good pick-me-up.
  • “A long time ago….we used to be friends.” -Liv, on Peyton. Love the nods to Veronica Mars!
  • “I can’t believe my BFF Bethany was a skanky Harmony!”
  • Next week, a killer targets Southern singers!

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