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[TV Review] “Scream” Episode 2.07: ‘Let the Right One In’



Scream 2.07 Review

This week’s episode of Scream delivered an actual chase scene! Sure, it was only about 30 seconds, but I’ll take it! It was actually cleverly done and there was actual suspense. Who would have thought they would have almost killed Ms. Lang right when they revealed her true motive for being so inappropriately chummy with her students (she’s writing a book…might it be called The Lakewood Murders?)? If she does die then the reveal is essentially meaningless (unless she wakes up at a very inopportune time in a couple of episodes), but we did get a fun school hallway chase scene out of it. And hey, at least Branson’s dead, right? Everything else in the episode was kind of a snooze, but that’s the name of the game in a table-setting episode.

The cold open showcased Eli just walking around someone’s house and eating breakfast. Turns out, that’s how he likes to get away from the real world (They’re called video games, Eli. Buy some). While this cements Eli’s status as a very bad dating prospect for Emma, it also keeps him interesting, which is more than can be said about Kieran, who is unfortunately relegated to first the concerned and then the jealous boyfriend in his limited screen time. We did get to learn why he was so protective of Emma (his stepdad died right after they got into a huge fight). Still (and this will make me sound like an asshole), that’s nowhere near as compelling as whatever is going on inside Eli’s head.

Eli’s little addiction brings him and Emma to a model home where the killer has just so happened to stash the bodies of Branson and (I think) the motel concierge. It did seem like too big of a coincidence since there is no way the killer would know that Eli was planning on taking Emma there, but suspension of disbelief is pretty much required in a show like Scream. Plus, if it weren’t for that and the fire that the killer started around the house, their entire arc this episode would have been a dud.

Another budding relationship is the one between Noah and Zoe. After their pseudo break-up two episodes ago, Zoe makes another move and it leads to the most uncomfortable first date ever. While watching Noah get condom assistance from the world’s most straightforward saleswoman only to have his first sexual experience interrupted by Audrey (who refused to leave the room even after realizing what she had done) was humorous, his relationship with Zoe just isn’t that riveting. We haven’t spent enough time with Zoe to really care about her. All she really has going for her is her involvement with Noah, and even that is a stretch. She dropped a tidbit of information about why she wasn’t around last season, but the show didn’t give it enough mystery to make you want to find out what happened. That’s not a good thing.

Brooke was sidelined a bit this week, leaving Audrey to do all the heavy-lifting with their scenes. It was nice to see Brooke freaking out a little bit after her kidnapping of Branson last week and also to see her go to Audrey of all people for help, but it put her in a damsel in distress role that is disheartening to see after she rose to the occasion last week. Speaking of Audrey, she’s still focused on hiding her not-malicious-at-all secret (I thought we were making progress after last week, show), which is becoming a real chore to sit through. Seeing her grow closer to Brooke is a good use of the show’s time though, so their scenes were a delight to watch.

“Let the Right One In” was one of Scream‘s weaker episodes of the season, but that is typical for episodes that fall in the middle of the season (it’s not an excuse, but it’s expected). None of the Zoe/Noah scenes were particularly captivating and we are still suffering through Audrey keeping her secret from everyone but Noah. It was great that we added to the body count (3rd death in 7 episodes, in case you were wondering), it wasn’t enough to save the episode from mediocrity.

Random Notes

  • We’re in the last half of the season, so it’s time to start predicting the killer. My money is on Gustavo, who was mysteriously absent this week. Maybe his graphic novel is just a cover because the killer wouldn’t be drawing bloody pictures of the Lakewood Six, or would he?
  • I’ve given Scream a lot of shit recently for using horror movies as episode titles that don’t fit into the theme of the episode, and sometimes I’m just wrong. The good people at What the Flick?! have discovered why last week’s episode was called “Jeepers Creepers.” I can’t believe I didn’t put that together! Thanks to Frank Fox for sending that my way.
  • Acosta finds a picture in the barn of Emma with a stranger whose face has been scratched out. Who is this stranger? Maggie doesn’t explicitly say it’s her dad so maybe it’s someone else?
  • “You went full Hard Candy on Branson and left him chained to a bed?” -Usually the pop culture references on this show feel shoehorned in, but this one felt natural.
  • “I feel like a pretty big fan of the bodies near me right now.” -NOAH. Stop. Just, stop.
  • “Let’s at least narrow down the size. Now, are you a big boy?” -I guffawed when the pharmacy clerk said this. GUFFAWED.
  • “Don’t worry, he’s not handsy anymore.”
  • “Are ya here, ya dick????”
  • “One of the teachers fell. It’s awful!”
  • “Someone better be dead. Wait, is someone dead?”
  • We’re returning to the carnival in next week’s episode (titled “Village of the Damned”). Let’s hope we get a great set piece out of it after last week’s episode botched the setting.
  • Brooke didn’t really give us any good face this week, but Kieran gave us this priceless gem:

Scream Kieran

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