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[TV Review] ‘Scream’ Episode 2.11: “Heavenly Creatures”



Scream 2.11 Review

“Heavenly Creatures” (named after Peter Jackson’s fantastic film starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey) really tried its damnedest to make everyone look like the killer, didn’t it? While it didn’t do much other than raise suspicions and set up next week’s finale, it was still one of the stronger and more entertaining episodes of Scream‘s second season.

Zoe’s death has left us a stone-cold Noah, and the character is all the better for it. Like the killer mentioned last week, Noah has frequently been an observer of all the carnage but never really been involved in it. The bulk of his scenes, with the exception of his scenes with Zoe, have mostly comprised of him spouting out nerdy gibberish and conspiracy theories in an attempt to mimic Randy from the film series. He has never been given a substantial plot until now, and Zoe’s death has changed him. It was to the point where he was ready to shut down his podcast and even demanded Emma and Audrey to tear down his murder board. Surprisingly, it’s Gustavo who manages to convince him to power through it and stick with his passion. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering Noah and Gustavo have had little to no interaction all season, but whatever. Noah is finally more than a stereotype. Assuming he makes it out of the season alive (and that we get a third season), he will be a much more compelling character.

Mayor Maddox was the centerpiece of the episode, as we spent more time with him this week than we have in a single previous episode. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he was going to be killed, especially when Brooke came home to sort of make peace with him. As soon as it became clear that he would be heading to the same spot as Emma and Audrey it became obvious the killer was going to them up for his murder. Maddox was never more than a red herring on the series (and the entire subplot with him and Aunt Tina was a snooze), so it’s nice to see Scream trim some more fat and get rid of him.

It really seems like Brooke’s story peaked in the middle of the season, as she hasn’t really had much to do since her tête-à-tête with Branson in the hotel (with the exception of her reading of the town in “Village of the Damned“). Good for Scream for giving Carlson Young stronger material this season, but she’s been moved to the background for these last couple of episodes, which is disappointing. Who knows how she will react after seeing that video of Audrey with Jake’s corpse and learning about her father’s death. Let’s just hope she doesn’t actually think Emma and Audrey killed her dad. That is a storyline that no one wants to see.

This week also saw more of The Emma and Audrey Show. It’s good to see these two characters working together again, even if boring ol’ Kieran is in the mix. Fitzgerald and Taylor-Klaus have a great chemistry together and so Scream usually works better during their scenes. Having them quickly work through their differences and work towards a common goal proves to be a wise decision so that Scream isn’t wasting time on their feud after it wasted so much time in getting Audrey to confess her relationship with Piper to Emma. Now that they’re both accused of murdering the mayor, they will really have to work together to make it out of this season alive.

While “Heavenly Creatures” spent the majority of its time setting up the (series?) finale, it has wisely moved past all the bullshit and is focused on the endgame. It would have been nice to have the killer revealed in this episode so that the finale had time to show how all of the characters handled it, but that’s not a very Scream thing to do. What this episode did do well was essentially make everyone look like a suspect, and that is a quality of a good whodunit.

Random Notes

  • During the opening scene I said out loud: “Is this another fucking dream sequence?” Thank God it wasn’t.
  • The mayor’s flashlight going out earned a huge eye roll from me. That is one horror trope I would love to see discarded.
  • The killer legitimately disappeared when Emma woke up in that opening sequence. Does he/she have teleportation powers now?
  • It sure does seem like Gustavo installed that mystery file on Noah’s computer since he had just emailed him excerpts from his graphic novel. I maintain that he is not the killer though because Scream has been trying way too hard to convince all of us that he is the killer.
  • So what was the point of Aunt Tina? She disappeared for five or six episodes and now she wants to leave town? I really think she may be the killer.
  • Lang flat out tells Acosta that Emma is obsessed with Piper (duh, she stalked her and tried to murder her), reinforcing the idea that Emma may be the killer. I refuse to believe this.
  • Many of you seem to think Kieran is the killer. This would be a nice homage to the first film, but it’s one of those instances where so many people expect it that it would be a little underwhelming if it did turn out to be Kieran. Still, Kieran could have easily planted Audrey’s letters in Eli’s room. And commenter Valen made a nice point last week where he/she mentioned the scene from last season where Brandon James’ senile mother recognized Kieran. Also, the IMDb synopsis for the finale is simply “Kieran reveals something unexpected about his past.” There’s no way they would make it that obvious, would they?
  • MTV sent me this episode and next week’s finale in the same email so by the time you read this I will know who the killer is. My lips are sealed, but be on the lookout for an interview with the actor(s)/actress(es) who play the killer(s) to go up some time after the finale airs.
  • Speaking of next week’s episode, MTV has got to stop spoiling so much in their episode promos. The promo for “Heavenly Creatures” spoiled the reveal of Eli being at Will’s funeral. The promo for last week’s episode showed Noah getting stabbed. I shut off the promo for the finale because it just seemed to be showing way too much. What the Hell, MTV?

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