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[NFF ’18 Review] ‘FP2: Beats of Rage’ is Absurdly Entertaining



When The FP arrived on the cinematic scene in 2011, it proved to be a cult favorite in the “love it or hate it” mold. Some found its near post-apocalyptic satirical take on sports films to be ridiculous and grating. Others fell in love with the loony world that the Trost Brothers had created. It is for that latter camp that FP2: Beats of Rage exists, and it will be interesting to see whether they embrace the increased lunacy on display within or reject it.

I have a feeling they’ll dig it, however, because I certainly did. The fictional (and now mythical) sport of Beat Beat Revelation is still going, but our hero JTRO has retired from it. Anyone who is familiar with sports movie tropes knows that a former champion can always be called back in the wake of a tragedy and that’s just what Beats of Rage has in store for JTRO. When one of his friends is killed in an even deadlier incarnation of the sport, he must rise to defeat this new sole-stealing evil that is coming for everything he loves.

The original played like Rocky III by way of dance competition games and an ‘80s post-apocalyptic aesthetic. This sequel takes those some influences and mixes them with a heavy dose of Mortal Kombat, some kung fu movie mysticism, and even elements of Conan the Barbarian and Lord of the Rings! Does that sound insane? It should and it is, but against all odds, it works. From its sword & sorcery-esque opening to its quest film trappings to its sole-stealing wastelands villain, this film marches to the beat of its own drum. If the original is some strange Rocky III riff, then this is its (super)natural Rocky IV follow-up.

Love the FP films or hate them, there’s no denying that writer/director/star Jason Trost has a singular vision on display throughout. From the wacky rules of this world to its weird ass characters to Trost’s bonkers sense of humor, Beats of Rage is a riot. If you loved the first one, you owe it to yourself to see this.

And if you didn’t care for the original? Well, why are you even reading this! *panther growl*

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