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Coloring Has Never Been More Fun



When I was five, after watching Candyman for the first time, I took out my box of crayons and spent the rest of the evening drawing Tony Todd’s character. I was proud of my creation, which at the time looked like a near-perfect recreation of the guy. It even came complete with a steady trickling of blood falling from his hook hand, like he had very recently finished dispatching some poor soul who had stupidly decided to recite his name one too many times to the bathroom mirror.

So what I’m saying is if anyone can appreciate the darker side of coloring, it’s me.

In a world where most people strive to stay inside the lines, I’ve developed a fond appreciation for those who don’t. And it would seem I’m not alone. BD Reader TheGeckoNinja has introduced me to what may soon become my new favorite subreddit: Coloring Corruptions. That’s right, there’s an entire corner that’s been carved out of Reddit for people just like me. Below are a few of my favorites; let me know which one(s) speaks to you, or better yet, share your own twisted creations!