A Couple's Engagement Photo Shoot Got Interrupted by Michael Myers - Bloody Disgusting
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A Couple’s Engagement Photo Shoot Got Interrupted by Michael Myers



Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

If you’re going to do engagement photos, you can go the tired route of beaming with your beau-to-be next to a tree where, inevitably, the photographer will ask to take a photo of your hands holding in front of the bark or some nonsense like that.

Or you can go the route that Portland, OR horror fans Janelle and Nick went and spice it up! After all, why keep the photos to just the two of you when there are plenty of important people and characters that have brought you together, like Michael Myers of Halloween fame!

Below is a gallery of the engagement photos done by Kaylee Rad Photography that are well worth checking out, especially for those of you who are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Hopefully your engagement doesn’t end in a bloodbath, though!