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“The X-Files” Images Crash Land With Huge Secrets!



THE X-FILES | image via FOX
Images via Fox Television

We’re a mere weeks away from the return of “The X-Files,” and with it comes huge spoilers.

The first batch of images from Episoded 10.01, ‘My Struggle,’ have come crash landing into Bloody Disgusting. They carry huge spoilers. While there’s no context behind the pics, you’ll learn very quickly that the new season opens with a UFO crash and a trip back to Area 51.

The new 6-episode event, returning Sunday, January 24th on FOX, reopens the X-Files, while focusing on the “ultimate” conspiracy theory. It’s actually pretty frightening how believable it is, and this new promo really hones in on what they’re trying to do with the new season.

The first of the two-night season premiere begins with Episode 10.01, ‘My Struggle’:

Thirteen years after the original series run, the next mind-bending chapter of the thrilling series THE X-FILES has arrived.

FOX MULDER (David Duchovny) and DANA SCULLY (Gillian Anderson) have been contacted by TAD O’MALLEY (guest star Joel McHale), a popular conspiracy theorist web-TV show host who believes he has uncovered a significant government conspiracy. With the assistance of FBI Asst. Dir. WALTER SKINNER (Mitch Pileggi), O’Malley seeks to enlist the help of former X-Files agents Mulder and Scully, who have since severed ties with the FBI. Through O’Malley they are introduced to SVETA (guest star Annett Mahendru), a possible alien abductee who shares shocking information with them that will challenge everything that Mulder has ever believed about the existence of aliens and the government’s role in covering them up.


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