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Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion” Was Almost the “Museum of the Weird”



Being a horror fan isn’t complete without experiencing Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, a “dark ride” that takes guests through a spooky tour of a mansion inhabited by 99 happy haunts. An icon of three parks (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland), the attraction was first opened in 1969 and has become an intricate part of the Disneyana lifestyle. But did you know it was almost called the Museum of the Weird?!

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Van Eaton Galleries is auctioning off rare concept art from designer Rolly Crump, an Imagineer who had his hand in developing some of Disney’s most iconic theme park rides (Small World, EPCOT). Among the collection are astounding pieces from his early take on Museum of the Weird, which would eventually become The Haunted Mansion. Shared are several pieces of concept art from the Museum, which would be populated with more than a handful of horror-centric characters. Even more striking is the “Seance Room”, which carries more of that Masonic and Satanic imagery that Disney loves to hide around their parks.

As a bonus, they even have some early Haunted Mansion script that were written all the way back in 1957!

If you enjoy this, check out some previously released concept art from the actual Haunted Mansion attraction.

Illustrations: Rolly Crump concept art for Disney’s “Museum of the Weird” which became the Haunted Mansion (Van Eaton Galleries)


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