Burger King Has "Scary Black Cherry" Slushies for Halloween This Month That Turn Your Mouth Black - Bloody Disgusting
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Burger King Has “Scary Black Cherry” Slushies for Halloween This Month That Turn Your Mouth Black



You may remember that Burger King celebrated Halloween a few years back with the “Halloween Whopper,” a gnarly creation that was essentially a regular Whopper but with a eerie black bun. To make the black buns, A1 Sauce (along with, no doubt, massive amounts of food dye) was soaked into the buns, and they made headlines for, well, an unexpected side effect. We’ll just come right out and say it. The unnatural buns turned your shit green.

This year, Burger King is back with another pitch black Halloween creation, with their “Scary Black Cherry” Frozen Fanta drink available for a limited time, now through Halloween.

Like the “Halloween Whopper,” Burger King’s latest Halloween treat is pitch black, and wouldn’t ya know it, it’s also imparting unwanted side effects. According to those who have been brave enough to suck one down, the beverage turns your mouth black and, once again, seems to be wreaking havoc on the bowels of its victims. Hey, what’s spookier than that, right?!

Taste one for yourself, if you dare…

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