This Dude Just Made the Ultimate 'Ghost Rider' Halloween Costume Using a Hidden E-Cigarette! - Bloody Disgusting
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This Dude Just Made the Ultimate ‘Ghost Rider’ Halloween Costume Using a Hidden E-Cigarette!



Modern technology sure is taking Halloween costumes to new levels, eh?

For Halloween this year, build master “Mikeasaurus” decided to take on the role of Marvel’s Ghost Rider, and he damn sure wasn’t heading to Spirit Halloween to achieve the look. Instead, Mike 3D printed his very own skull for the mask, and used flickering LED lights and a hidden e-cigarette to make the skull look like it was on fire and spitting out hot smoke!

He explains, “Adding smoke effect for your costume is easier to achieve than you might think, using a vaping e-cig loaded with vegetable glycol and pumped using a small aquarium pump. This effect combined with tucking some flickering LEDs into incospicuous places can give a realistic fire and smoke look to your next costume.”

“I made this Ghost Rider costume by 3D printing a skull I found on Thingiverse (free), modifying it in Tinkercad (also free), then printing it out and painting it. All the electronics and controls were kept incredibly simple, and are controlled by a cluster of buttons held in one hand and operated by momentary switches.”

Head over to Instructables for Mike’s step-by-step detailing of how the costume was made, or if you’re more the “video content” type, watch a time lapse video of the build below!

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