NECA's Nubbins Sawyer Action Figure Set is a Must for 'Chain Saw' Fans - Bloody Disgusting
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NECA’s Nubbins Sawyer Action Figure Set is a Must for ‘Chain Saw’ Fans



Portrayed by Edwin Neal in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the Hitchhiker got his first action figure several years back courtesy of Mezco’s Cinema of Fear line. It’s a great figure, one I have in my personal collection, but it’s just been one-upped by NECA.

We now have in-package photos of NECA’s forthcoming Nubbins Sawyer two-pack, which includes the first film’s Hitchhiker and the 1986 sequel’s corpse of the Hitchhiker!

The head sculpt on the first figure, in particular, is PERFECT.

“This first appearance of The Hitchhiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre in our clothed action figure line celebrates the character’s circle of “life”! The Hitchhiker (aka Leatherface’s brother Nubbins) first appears in the 1974 film, where he meets a gory end. However, his mortal remains return in the second movie as a puppet-like pal carried around by Leatherface’s other brother, Chop Top.

This collector’s set includes both versions of the character and plenty of accessories. The Hitchhiker is fully articulated and comes with pelt, knife and camera accessories. Dead Nubbins has a bendable wire armature for posing and loops that allow your other TCM figures to “puppet” him. He has synthetic hair and comes with a stand. Figures are approximately 8” tall and come in window box packaging.”

NECA says the 2-pack is coming soon, here in early 2018.