Playmobil's New 'Ghostbusters II' Toys Have Interactive Hologram Element - Bloody Disgusting
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Playmobil’s New ‘Ghostbusters II’ Toys Have Interactive Hologram Element



After acquiring the Ghostbusters license a couple years back, Playmobil unleashed a wave of playsets inspired by the original film last year. The sets included the Ecto-1, Stay Puft and even the Firehouse, and Playmobil is adding to their Ghostbusters collection this month with a wave of toys based on the 1989 sequel, Ghostbusters II!

The new Ghostbusters™ II – PLAYMOGRAM 3D line features Egon Spengler (9346), Peter Venkman (9347), Raymond Stantz (9348) and Winston Zeddemore (9349). When synced with the free PLAYMOBIL app (download required), the ghost trap projects a spooky ghost into the clear hologram cone for real ghost-catching action.

“To start the virtual fun, just download the free PLAYMOGRAM 3D app, select a ghost or animal, and place the hologram pyramid on the marker on the display. Just like magic, the characters are suddenly hovering in mid-air. With the touch of your finger, you can catch the ghosts in the trap and release them again.”

Check out the commercial below and look for these in stores THIS MONTH!