Bradford Exchange Recreates 'Alien' Nostromo Ship for New Illuminated Sculpture - Bloody Disgusting
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Bradford Exchange Recreates ‘Alien’ Nostromo Ship for New Illuminated Sculpture



If we’re talking collectibles, no franchise fans have it better than Alien fans. Every film in the franchise has been turned into various toys and collectibles by countless different companies, and high-end collectible makers Bradford Exchange have the license for their own line of goods. Their latest offering? The Nostromo from the original classic!

“The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, is excited to offer a special opportunity to reserve the Alien: Nostromo Masterpiece Sculpture, an officially-licensed sculpture exquisitely capturing the doomed ship and the dreaded Xenomorph. Pending sufficient demand, this Alien sculpture is sure to bring the horror of this landmark sci-fi film to vividly nightmarish three-dimensional life!

Impressively sized at one foot long, this Alien sculpture will be handcrafted and hand-painted to highlight its unprecedented detailing from every angle, from the ship itself to the intricate base with official logo. The Xenomorph, a pure killing machine with its whiplash tail, clawed hands and deadly dual jaws, will be poised for attack under the doomed ship. Plus, it will light up to cast an eerie green glow on the ship and the deadly creature that lurks below it.”

Oddly enough, handcrafting can only begin on these bad boys once a sufficient number of orders are received, so head over to Bradford Exchange to pre-order one for $99.99!


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