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Monogram’s Third Wave of Blind Bag Horror Keyrings Revealed [Toy Fair]



If you’ve been to Toys R Us in the past year or so, you’ve probably come across Monogram International’s figural keyrings of your favorite horror icons, packaged in blind bags. In other words, you don’t know who you’ve bought until you open it up.

Two different waves of the horror keyrings have been released, including characters such as Pennywise, Regan MacNeil, David from The Lost Boys, Freddy, Jason and Pamela Voorhees. An exclusive Freddy vs. Jason 2-pack was offered up at SDCC last year.

Revealed at the ongoing Toy Fair was art for Series 3, which includes Pennywise and Georgie from last year’s IT, as well as new figures of Freddy, Jason, Regan and Beetlejuice. Brand new to the line are Jack Torrance and one of the Grady twins, along with a chase variant of “Frozen Jack.” There will also be a glow in the dark Pennywise.

Thanks to @Figures_Dot_Com for the above image.

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