Sideshow's "Gotham City Nightmare" Joker Statue is an Insane Work of Art - Bloody Disgusting
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The aim of Sideshow Collectibles‘ “Gotham City Nightmare” collection, launched last year with a Batman statue, is to ask (and answer) a simple question: “What would the familiar faces of Gotham become when viewed through eyes filled with fear?

Today, Sideshow previews The Joker Statue, the next twisted face in the Gotham City Nightmare collection. “We took the insanity of The Joker and made his entire makeup a tableaux of Easter eggs of his entire existence,” Creative Director Tom Gilliland explained.

The Joker Statue measures 20” tall, emerging from a chemical vat filled with venomous green acid. Beneath copper-colored pipes, the architecture for Gotham City can be seen laying the groundwork for the rise of this nightmarish Clown Prince of Crime.

This intricate statue is bursting with brilliant details revealing just what makes The Joker who he is, sculpted in polystone with vinyl and PVC elements. From Ace Chemicals to the famed Arkham Asylum as his backbone, The Joker Statue will keep you captivated by the horror as you search for references to the some of the villain’s most infamous moments.

Spot Harley Quinn and Red Hood, a school of Joker Fish and freakish faces, and homages to artists like Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Dave McKean, and more all wrapped up in this warped vision of the Clown Prince of Crime. Can you find all the hidden secrets? Lean in closer, but beware The Joker as he offers you a gag flower- or else the joke may be on you!

The Exclusive edition of The Joker comes with a swap-out portrait revealing another face of his nightmarish insanity, with a closed mouth and curled green hair. The Exclusive edition also includes a small pedestal for displaying the alternate portrait, a jack-in-the-box bubbling over with noxious chemicals.

Pre-orders begin on Thursday, April 19th between 12pm-3pm PST. The Exclusive edition will be priced at $535.00 and the Collector edition will be priced at $520.00.

See more photos and learn more over on Sideshow’s website.

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