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Fans of the Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards are probably familiar with Mark Pingitore, an independent artist and animator who formerly worked on both lines. Pingitore has done the artwork for over 100 Garbage Pail Kids cards as well as concept work, sketch cards, and paintings for various other trading card series’.

Pingitore has more recently become known for whipping up his own Garbage Pail Kids-style horror art, turning iconic horror movie villains into their own GPK cards. Mind you, they’re not officially licensed by Topps, but Pingitore has turned his “Horrorible Kids” into an actual trading card line that’s now up for pre-order!

There are 90 total cards to collect: 45 characters, each with an “a” and “b” alias.

Now up for pre-order through Pingitore’s Magic Marker Art, you can grab single packs, 5-packs and 24-pack boxes, as well as a “Horrorible Kids” retro collector album!

Expected arrival date? July 2018.

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