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Topps Releasing ’80s Style “Stranger Things” Trading Cards with Autographs and Chase Inserts!



Okay but what about the super hard sticks of powdery gum?

Netflix’s “Stranger Things, set in the ’80s and super nostalgic and all, lends itself so perfectly to retro-inspired products, and we’ve thus far seen a handful of them since the show debuted. Up next, Topps is unleashing a line of “Stranger Things” trading cards, and yes, of course they’re super authentic to the time period the hit series is set in.

As revealed by Beckett, the throwback-style set includes 100 base cards, all based on the show’s first season. There are also autographs, chase cards, stickers and parallels.

The site details…

  • Another modern element is the inclusion of parallels, rarer versions of the main set. These take a thematic approach with Upside Down (/99), Waffle (/11) and Christmas Light (1/1). Printing Plate versions are also available in Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. All are one-of-ones.
  • Sticking with the retro theme are two different sets of stickers. Twenty Character Stickers show the season’s stars. There are also separate ten Stranger Things Stickers that have a film strip design similar various non-sport sets have had in the past like Star Wars.
  • There’s also a 20-card Characters insert set done as regular cards.
  • Autographs lead the premium insert chase. Besides the regular versions, these have Orange (/99), Green (/50), Purple (/25), Blue (/10) and Gold (1/1) parallels.
  • Dual and Triple Autographs are rare with just ten copies each. These come with multiple signatures.
  • Commemorative Patch Cards have a manufactured patch embedded in them. These have the same levels of parallels as regular autographs. There are also signature versions numbered to 10.
  • Sketch cards come with original art done directly on the card. Given the unique nature of each piece, many regard these as one-of-ones.

According to Beckett, the cards will arrive in stores on October 17, 2018.


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