Party City Bringing Animated "Pennywise in Sewer" and Lifesize Pennywise to Halloween 2018! - Bloody Disgusting
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Party City Bringing Animated “Pennywise in Sewer” and Lifesize Pennywise to Halloween 2018!



Now that Halloween is less than 100 days away (a mere 90, at the time of writing this article), it won’t be long before we start seeing this year’s merch unloaded in stores. Yesterday, we previewed Target’s Halloween 2018 goodies, and today we’ve got two kickass decorations that are coming to Party City in the very near future, based on last year’s IT!

Available online this month and in Party City stores in early September, the company unleashes the “Pennywise in sewer” prop and “Animated Giant Pennywise” decoration this year!

Made of fabric and plastic, the sewer prop measures 15in wide x 13in tall, and it spouts spooky phrases. Additionally, Pennywise’s eyes light up when the motion sensor is activated.

As for the life-size decoration, also based on last year’s brand new iteration of Pennywise, it measures a massive 6-feet tall and moves, says spooky phrases, and lights up.

Expect more Halloween 2018 previews in the coming days and weeks!

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