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“Garbage Pail Kids” Meet “Stranger Things” Characters for Limited Edition Sticker Set



Today is the first annual “Stranger Things Day” (November 6th is, after all, the day Will Byers went missing), and Topps is celebrating with a new limited edition sticker set that imagines characters from the hit Netflix series in the gross-out Garbage Pail Kids style. A fitting mashup, given both “Stranger Things” and the Garbage Pail Kids are awesomely ’80s!

Now available on the Topps website, you can purchase an “A” name set or a “B” name set, both selling for $19.99 each and featuring the same art but different character names.

Each set includes 20 sticker cards, with characters including Mucus Lucas, Demo Gordon, Bye Bye Barb, Waff Elle, Polly Wog, Good Byers, Newbie Newby and Hot Hopper.

Check out some of the art below and grab your set(s) today!

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