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Fan Unearths Original “My Pet Monster” Prototype Dolls and Early Concept Art!



Originally produced by American Greetings in 1986, the monstrous plush doll known as My Pet Monster is one of the great icons of the 1980s, that original doll spawning a live-action film and an animated series, as well as an upgraded talking version back in 2001. My Pet Monster, of course, is known for having blue fur, but it seems that wasn’t always the idea.

Toy collector doki_doki_fun over on Instagram just shared some very interesting photos of finds he made in the AmToy archives, including one-off prototypes and production samples of the earliest iterations of the My Pet Monster doll!

“These were either factory samples or sewn in-house from parts,” he wrote. “Pretty freaking amazing.”

He also shared some concept art for one of those early prototypes, and can check out all of that early concept work below. Thanks also to @MyPetMonster86 for the heads up!

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