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“The Walking Dead” Mirror Universe Theory – What Do You Think?



Sick of The Walking Dead “who died” theories yet? Of course you’re not. This latest one comes from the wife of Treehouse director Michael G. Bartlett (read our Treehouse review). Mr. Bartlett reached out to us with this short video he made demonstrating his wife’s theory. As someone who only just recently caught up with the entire series, it makes a hell of an argument.

* Major Spoilers for The Walking Dead show and comic series ahead *

The theory hinges on the series 6 episode “The Same Boat,” in which Maggie and Carol are taken captive by female Saviors. While Paula (Alicia Witt) reflects the callous killing machine Carol is set to become, Michelle (Jeananne Goosen) reveals to Maggie that she has lost her father, her baby, and her boyfriend. Up to this point, Maggie has lost one of those – her old man Hershel. Following this episode, she has what seems to be a miscarriage and then Negan kills, well…watch the video below and let us know what you think. It’s convincing as hell in my book.

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