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TV Guide Reveals “American Horror Story ?6” Theme?



We’ve been waiting patiently for an official theme for the sixth season of FX’s “American Horror Story” for what seems like months. The past few weeks have brought one teaser after another (you can find them via our “American Horror Story” tag), each new promo having seemingly nothing to do with the previous one.

FX CEO John Landgraf explained that when it comes to the teasers, “One is accurate; all the rest are misdirect.” He continued, “We decided, Ryan [Murphy] and I and [marketing president] Stephanie Gibbons, that it would be really fun this year…to keep it a mystery. There is a theme and a setting and a place and time, but we’re not going to reveal it,” per IndieWire.

In the latest issue of TV Guide, the title for the sixth season may very well have been revealed as the schedule shows “American Horror Story: The Mist“. Below is the promo that FX released that bears the same title, which means I guess we’ll be seeing some kind of railroad demon? If they’re going for a horror western, I’m 100% in!

We’ll be doing some digging to see if we can get to the bottom of this.

AHS titled revealed in TV Guide? This is in their schedule in the latest issue.