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Conversations Have At Least Begun On Potential “Hannibal” Revival



The 22nd of June, 2015 was a pretty sad day.

Not that I hadn’t already seen the writing on the walls, but the official announcement that NBC was cancelling “Hannibal” after three seasons was pretty heartbreaking. Granted, it always seemed like that’d be the show’s fate, and I was ultimately happy that the gory, boundary-pushing series lasted as long as it did.

It’s now been two years since the final episode of “Hannibal” aired on NBC, and creator Bryan Fuller has ensured over those two years that the show remains part of the small screen conversation. Every so often, Fuller provides little updates on the potential of some sort of revival, and we’ve got another one for ya today.

Over on Twitter last night, Fuller was questioned about the status of those talks.

Conversations couldn’t start until 2 years after the final airing of season 3,” he replied. “[The De Laurentiis Company] has started those conversations. This takes time.”

All we really know is that both Fuller and stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very interested in heading back into the kitchen. So perhaps it’s only a matter of time.