Did You Notice "AHS: Cult" Was Filmed in the Same Neighborhood as 'Halloween'? - Bloody Disgusting
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Did You Notice “AHS: Cult” Was Filmed in the Same Neighborhood as ‘Halloween’?



“American Horror Story” goes to Haddonfield this season.

You may remember that rumors began spreading earlier this year when *something* began filming on Orange Grove Avenue in West Hollywood, the very same neighborhood where John Carpenter filmed the original Halloween.

The rumor was that it was Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween reboot that was filming, but we later learned it was actually the new season of “American Horror Story.”

Now that we’re two episodes into “American Horror Story: Cult,it’s become clear that the whole season is something of an homage to Halloween. Main characters Ally Mayfair-Richards and Ivy Mayfair-Richards live on the street that played the role of the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois… in fact, they live inside the iconic Doyle house!

Across the street is Halloween‘s Wallace house, which also plays a role in “AHS: Cult.” Just like in Halloween, a brutal murder occurs in the house while a child is being babysat across the street; “American Horror Story” is known to pay tribute to horror classics, so we have no doubt the connection is very much intentional.

Check out both locales below, as they appeared in Halloween and as they look today.

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