There Was a Really Cool Zombie Tribute On "The Walking Dead" Last Night - Bloody Disgusting
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There Was a Really Cool Zombie Tribute On “The Walking Dead” Last Night



Death is never truly the end on “The Walking Dead. Even for the zombies!

Whenever makeup master Greg Nicotero directs an episode of “The Walking Dead,” you can expect a fun little “zombie tribute” to pop up at some point. In the past, Nicotero’s tribute zombies have paid homage to films like An American Werewolf in London and the work of George Romero, and last night’s Season 8 premiere was no exception.

Nicotero directed the 100th episode of the AMC series, which was loaded with fun callbacks to the show’s very first episode. Of particular note, a scene featuring Carl was a direct mirror of an Episode 1 scene featuring Rick, and you may have even spotted the return of an iconic Episode 1 zombie in Episode 100!

As a child, Addy Miller played “Teddy Bear Zombie” (aka Summer) in the first episode of “The Walking Dead,” and she reprised the role for a cameo in the Season 8 premiere!

I thought it would be cool to go back to our roots and use some of the same walkers that were in early episodes again as just a little tribute,” Nicotero explained to EW.

Check out Addy as Summer below, as a 10 year old and now a 17 year old!