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Crites Will Return to Earth for TV Series “Critters: A New Binge”!

Fun Facts about Critters

Over 30 years after the original Critters arrived in theaters, the four-film franchise, which has been lying dormant since 1992, is now getting… its own TV series?!

In an exciting bit of news that comes totally out of left field, Variety reports today that Verizon’s go90 has ordered “Critters: A New Binge” from Blue Ribbon Content, the Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital studio. The series is produced by Abominable Pictures in association with Blue Ribbon Content for Verizon.

The plot for the series is as follows…

“The critters return to Earth in search of one of their kin, who was left behind years ago during an earlier mission. They land in Burbank, Calif., where they wreak havoc on a group of high schoolers and their families.”

The creative team behind Zombeavers, Jordan Rubin, Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan, will write and executive produce, with Rubin also directing.

Rupert Harvey and Barry Opper, from the original film franchise, produce.



  • Andrew Thompson

    As the only person I know who actually liked Zombeavers, nice creative team.

    • Not at all. That movie is hilarious and a lot smarter than you’d think.

    • Saturn

      Zombeavers was a blast!

    • JohnnyScience

      I thought it had a lot of wasted potential but it was fine. I loved the puppets. They looked great which is what really gives me hope about this.

      • Baron Von Marlon

        I hope this means we’re getting puppets instead of cgi disasters.

        • chuck

          Or you could get puppet disasters… not all F/X teams are good.

  • Interesting

  • pablitonizer

    Critters truly deserved to return, I would have prefer as a film but hell yes, I’m in

  • Robert Sainte Marie

    “Crites” “Critters a new binge”? Either your spell check sucks or you translator does.

    • Comedian

      The name of the species in the Critters movies was Crites.

      • Robert Sainte Marie

        Yes. I know.

    • Jimmy Sue aka Pnut

      * your

      And, yeah, as the previous poster mentioned, they are correct with the use of the word ‘crites.’ You should make sure that you’re right if you’re going to come in this hot and confident!

      • Robert Sainte Marie

        I know what they are called and I said exactly what I meant to say.

        • Jimmy Sue aka Pnut

          If you know what they are called, then why did you attempt to correct their use of that word? The typo was just me being silly – I feel like when you call someone out on their spell check not working, you have to be EXTRA sure that you’ve used yours. The ‘Crites’ thing, though – nah, you didn’t know…

          • Robert Sainte Marie

            It’s spelled with a K as in Krites.

          • Jimmy Sue aka Pnut

            Both spellings are acceptable and correct. Crites actually being the more common of the two…

          • Robert Sainte Marie

            Did you read the books?

          • Jimmy Sue aka Pnut

            I wrote the books.

          • Robert Sainte Marie

            On an asteroid prison, a group of dangerous aliens known as Krites
            are set to be transported to another station. The Krites engineer an
            escape and hijack a ship, prompting the warden to hire two
            shape-changing bounty hunters to pursue them to Earth.

    • Rick Reed


      • Robert Sainte Marie

        no oops. I said what I meant to.

        • Robert Sainte Marie

          Well, barring the unfortunate typo.

    • Vincent Kane
    • JPersseus

      You’re an idiot.

      • Robert Sainte Marie

        Your mother sucks cocks in Hell.

    • Draven
      • Robert Sainte Marie

        It’s Krites.

        On an asteroid prison, a group of dangerous aliens known as Krites
        are set to be transported to another station. The Krites engineer an
        escape and hijack a ship, prompting the warden to hire two
        shape-changing bounty hunters
        to pursue them to Earth. Studying life on Earth via various satellite
        television transmissions, the first bounty hunter assumes the form of
        rock star Johnny Steele, while the second remains undecided, thus
        retaining his blank, featureless head.

      • DJ sTikInsEkT

        wish i knew what he said

  • Adam Clifton

    New Critters? I’m definitely watching this but I thought they were all wiped out from extinction after Critters 4

    • Weresmurf

      4 was set in the future so this still stays on track. Even then no biggie if we ignore 3 and 4 tbh.

  • Dirty Frank

    Flipping heck, I hope this happens. Sadly after the Chiodos announced a Killer Klown series, and nothing’s been heard since, I’ll believe it when I see it. But fingers crossed.

    • NixEclips

      Yeah, that Klowns flick has been teased a couple times. I really hope the Chiodos are involved with this, though. And don’t cgi the Crites!

      • DJ sTikInsEkT

        lol its gonna be CGI. what planet you living on? like new generation call of duty kiddies are gonna wanna watch sesame street era of effects. no way. they’d scream and slap themselves in the side of the head over and over and refuse to watch it. we arent gonna get our pracital effects sorry

        • NixEclips

          This quote doesn’t clear anything up about anything, either.
          Rubin, who also directs, spoke with SYFY WIRE following the TCA panel, and said the new series started as “a darker take that became more campy. Fun but grounded, and true to the genre, so it’s played straight and not spoofing.”

          He also noted that, “There’s a budget, but ways to shoot for a bigger scale, so not gopher-Caddyshack look. With this budget, the CG doesn’t match up. Rather shoot practically, so it’s realistic and not campy.”

          • DJ sTikInsEkT

            i duno in 2018 all the puppet people were forced to do cgi to stay in the business and stay in hollywood and not lose money coz no place for it anymore. and all the new kids get taught only in cgi in movie school coz there is no place for puppetry, so they need get some veterans. duno if they can get chiodo bros

  • gary41172

    I’m definitely in if this happens. Loved the first two Critters films and thought the other two were ok. I’d watch a series if not, a new film 🙂

    • Jeff

      3 would have been my favorite movie if they had eaten Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Grimphantom
  • Saturn


  • Nia Snacks

    Please tell me Scott Grimes will be in this in some capacity.

    • Christopher Nickerson

      Doubtful. Have you ever seen Scott Grimes do an interview about Critters? He says they were the biggest mistake of his career and he doesn’t know why he did them. I personally love them, but he is very negative about them

      • Nia Snacks

        He made fun of them on American Dad

  • Adaaification

    Zombeaver was a weird, dumb and unfunny trash movie. But the formula could work on Critters. So go for it. You can’t do any more damage for the series then movie three and four did.

    • Jeff

      Zombeaver was supposed to be dumb and IMO was funny. Stating an opinion as fact just shows what an unintelligent oaf you are.

      • DJ sTikInsEkT

        duno why u need to add the whole oaf thing? because you hiding behind keyboad? at least the OP used his actual face instead of hiding behind a dog picture before talking smack. you could handled it better without adding the insult @ the end. like just say “duh that was the point” to be cocky

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Um, have they seen the Critters films (love the first 2 and 4 is good)? The Krites would never bother to come back for ones left behind, they just look for food and survival

    • Adam Clifton

      They got upset when one of them got blown up by the Bounty Hunters. Didn’t the witnessing Critters give them the finger or something? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it

      • Jeff

        Yeah and the one was mad in the first movie when his friend got shot with the double barrel. He said fuck in Krite language I believe.

        • Christopher Nickerson

          Both true, right before they ran away to save themselves. The only time they ever really acted in an organized fashion really was the alley attack in part 2. Otherwise they acted more like Gremlins, if something happened to the brethren they might react but didn’t do anything about it

          • Zach Lesley

            You’re forgetting the giant ball they form after the they blow the burger factory. Not to mention dropping the telephone poles to block the roads. Chewing thru the stool to get Mr Quigley. So they are known to work together

          • Christopher Nickerson

            But not go out to save others

  • David.

    I love Critters and Critters 2 so if this does happen I hope they just ignore the second 2

  • J Jett

    i don’t see this being a successful tv endeavor at all. the movies are barely “hit” movies. but who knows, maybe it will turn out to be a fun show.

    • Jeff

      They have a cult following and are well known among that crowd.

  • Saying Like It Is

    Would be nice if they finally release the originals on Blu.

  • DarklingMagick

    Will we get sixty-year-old Terrence Mann singing Power of the Night in skin tight leather?

    • Werewolf

      LOL! Now everyone who read that sees it in their head.

      I don’t think the night has that much power…though it would be funny as hell to see a geriatric 80’s glam rocker from space blast little black cannibal tumbleweeds with a big ass gun.

  • Zach Lesley

    It’ll need to take place between 2 and three to keep with the story line. The end of three has the last two eggs and they get wiped out in four. Also so Charlie needs to be in it. It wouldn’t be right with out Charlie

    • Jonathan Peach

      If charlie was in it he couldn’t be in four….. Bummer.

      • Zach Lesley

        That’s why I say it would have to take place in the time between where two ends and three begin’s. There’s a period of four to five years to work with in between them

  • Alanmac

    Love watching part 1 with my wife and kids. It’s one of our favorite Friday night “go to” movies right behind Troll 2.

  • Necro

    Hey if ‘Tremors’ can keep putting out movie sequels and a tv show than so can ‘Critters’! Cool! I hope it’s like the first two films and as good.

  • DS Ullery

    No CGI Crites, please. If this is happening, hire the Chiodo Brothers to return and provide the F/X.

  • Rick-Taylor

    There was a Critters fan-made film, a few years ago. It was pretty good. I feel staying dormant works best for most series, including this one.

    • abyx34

      Yes, and recently people made a Gremlins one too, called Gremlins Recall 🙂

    • DJ sTikInsEkT

      the guy who did the thanks killing movies did thjat the turky man movie


    first 2 movies were the best. 3 was bad and 4 was a space-weirdo.
    I am a fan of those films and I will check out the series too when they come out.
    hope they do a gremlins series too someday.

  • DJ sTikInsEkT


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