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Plot Rundowns for Every Remaining Episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 8



There will be a fully nude zombie in one of these episodes. No seriously.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this Sunday night, February 25, for the final eight episodes of the eighth season, and we already know that the extended premiere is going to be the last we see of young Carl Grimes. From what we gather – and understandably so – this is going to set Rick on a warpath, which should be pretty badass to witness.

What else can we expect from the back half of Season 8? Check out plot rundowns for every remaining episode below, which tease what’s coming these next several weeks.

Episode 9: Honor

  • Rick faces new difficulties after a battle; the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.

Episode 10: The Lost and the Plunderers

  • Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies; Simon takes matters into his own hands.

Episode 11

  • Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Maggie makes difficult decisions at the Hilltop; Gabriel’s faith becomes tested.

Episode 12

  • Hilltop’s leadership faces a difficult dilemma after the arrival of unexpected visitors; Rick comes face to face with an adversary.

Episode 13

  • Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action; heartbreaking discoveries are made.

Episode 14

  • A Heaps prisoner makes a discovery; Carol searches for someone in the nearby forest; Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers.

Episode 15

  • With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend.

Episode 16

  • The communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds.

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