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“American Horror Story” Fans May Have Uncovered Season 8 Theme




The season will be set in the near future.

Unlike previous seasons, we do know *a little bit* about the upcoming eighth season of “American Horror Story” already, as Ryan Murphy recently noted that it’ll take place in “the near future,” which would make it the first season not set in the past or present. He added, “It has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s really chilling.”

We also know that Sarah Paulson is already on board.

Nothing further has been officially confirmed at this time, but the Twitter account @AHSLeaks may have cracked the case this week. The account, run by a hardcore “AHS” fan, uncovered that Twentieth Century Fox just filed a trademark for the title “American Horror Story: Radioactive,” which *could* be Season 8’s theme/title.

Again, we know nothing for sure, but a title like “Radioactive” does seem to connect with a confirmed storyline set in the near future. Could “American Horror Story” be heading into the post apocalypse this season? Could the show even take a page out of “The Walking Dead” playbook and give us a season centered on zombies?

We’ll update you if/when we learn something more than speculation.

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