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So “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Finally Revealed Ash’s Middle Name Last Night



We now know what the “J” stands for, Evil Dead fans.

On last night’s episode of “Ash vs. Evil Dead, titled ‘Unfinished Business,’ Ash was visited by the ghost of Brock Williams, his father. Ash learned through Brock that a member of the Knights of Sumeria once came to his hardware store looking for Ash, the prophesied one from the Book of the Dead. After a struggle, Brock locked the man up in the hardware store’s cellar, where he died after some time; but not before using the Necronomicon’s “lost pages” to open a portal between our world and the netherworld.

It was during this It’s a Wonderful Life-inspired sequence that the Knights of Sumeria member revealed Ash’s middle name to us, for the first time in the franchise’s history…

Ashley Joanna Williams.

Thanks for that name, by the way,” Ash said to his dad. Brock replied, “That name gave you thick skin.” To which Ash retorted, “Yeah, thick from all the playground beatings.”

Ya learn something new every week on “Ash vs. Evil Dead”!

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